Polly Dinkel comments on “Vandalism, the Ecce Homo, and the art of going viral” for Upstart Journal

October 2012

by Michael del Castillo , Technology & Innovation Editor, Upstart Business Journal

“Viral marketing campaigns like the Old Spice guy and Quicksilver’s Dynamite Surfing have become the holy grail of startups looking to spread the good word for nickels on the dollar. So in late August when images of the botched restoration of the 19th century fresco Ecce Homo by Elías García Martínez in Spain spread across the Internet, we took notice. And then when the unwitting creator of the widely mocked fresco, weeks later hired a lawyer to go after royalties, we just couldn’t help ourselves.

Had this accidental vandal discovered the secret to going viral? Did she really own the images she had created, even if someone else owned the church and the fresco?…”