Anne Freeman writes “Premarital Agreement Season Is Here: Give Your Approach a Tune-up” for the Contra Costa Lawyer

May 2015

Here in California, weddings occur year-round, but June through September is Wedding Season. That means the premarital agreement season is starting now.

For those of you with a premarital agreement practice, the first thing you should do to prep is read California’s Uniform Premarital Agreement Act (UPAA)(Family Code sections 1600-1617). Next, read the recent cases: Marriage of Melissa (2012) 212 CA4th 598; Marriage of Facter (2013) 212 CA4th 967; Marriage of Cadwell-Faso v. Faso (2011) 191 CA4th 945; and Marriage of Hill & Dittmer (2011) 202 CA4th 1046.

This article highlights three areas to consider with your premarital agreement clients.