August 2016

Civil and Criminal Anti-Counterfeiting


Our attorneys assist companies in implementing brand protection strategies to halt the importation and sale of counterfeit goods. As part of this effort, we help companies target and investigate counterfeit traffickers, and then assemble and analyze evidence to support successful criminal investigations and prosecutions as well as civil litigation resulting in asset freezes, preliminary injunctions, and other remedies.

Since 2001, our team has actively worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation,  Homeland Security Investigations, Secret Service and other state and federal law enforcement agencies throughout the U.S. in its representation of victim companies, resulting in dozens of criminal convictions, jail sentences and restitution orders for criminal counterfeit trafficking. For example, we helped coordinate a massive “all government” effort to investigate the largest traffickers of counterfeit networking products, leading to over 30 convictions and the seizure of $143 million of goods. Relying on our team’s international law enforcement experience, we also actively coordinate investigations and law enforcement referrals in jurisdictions all over the world.