August 2016

Patent Prosecution and Enforcement


Where brand enforcement strategies are not available, patents may provide alternative protection for a client’s products.  Our registered U.S. patent attorneys have obtained U.S. patents for their clients in such fields as medical devices, electronics, computers, mechanical devices, chemicals, consumer products and military equipment.

When it comes to enforcing patent rights, our attorneys have decades of experience in skillfully navigating the complexities of patent litigation and obtaining successful results for our clients in district courts, the U.S. International Trade Commission and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.  When a patent lawsuit is brought, or sometimes even before it is brought, accused infringers have increasingly initiated contested proceedings at the Patent Office, such as reexaminations, inter partes review, interferences and post-grant review, to have the patents declared invalid.  We have extensive experience in skillfully handling these types of contested proceedings at the Patent Office and, if necessary, all the way through final hearing at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.