August 2016

Supply Chain and Distribution Channel Integrity


Successful brand protection includes effective contracts ensuing for supply chain and distribution channel integrity.  As supply chains become increasingly global and complex, and as counterfeiters become more proficient, it becomes easier for counterfeit and substandard goods to be introduced into the commerce stream, negatively affecting brand owners and their consumers.  Even well-meaning suppliers can cause damage to a brand if they are operating without meaningful controls on supply schedules or effective constraints on their use of client intellectual property.  Similarly, failure to control distribution channels can foster piracy or fraud, or simply result in tarnishing a brand.

We are adept at working with clients to evaluate and modify their global supply and distribution contracts with the goal of tightening the supply chain and distribution channel to address these issues.  We scale our services depending on the dollar value or strategic importance of the supplier or distributor and often work with clients to develop client-customizable form documents for their ongoing use in contracting with suppliers and distributors. While strong contracts are a critical component of supply chain integrity, we also assist clients whose contracted partners breach their contracts, with the twin goals of enhancing compliance and addressing the lapsed supply chain partner (by obtaining damages, cooperation, and other results that aid the client).