Haute Living posts “A Day in the Life of Anne Cochran Freeman and Monica Mazzei”

July 2017

When San Francisco’s most powerful couples have to make important decisions regarding their personal lives—whether it be a prenup to the wedding of the decade or a discrete divorce after a dysfunctional breakup—they turn to Anne Cochran Freeman and Monica Mazzei. The family law ladies practice at Sideman and Bancroft and some consider them to be the Bay Area’s answer to celebrity divorce lawyer, Laura Wasser. The dynamic duo consider themselves marriage experts who consider their elite client’s happiness of utmost importance. They’ve seen it all, from expensive fights over a four-post bed (which they found out was later burned by the angry ex-husband!) to secret lives found after scrubbing household electronics to custody battles over Siamese cats. Since we’re fascinated by the unique view that this pair into a distinctive often-not-talked-about world, we asked them to share what a day in their life is like. Below they share the juicy details in their own words.