Kathryn McCall discusses banking guidelines for the cannabis industry at The Business of Marijuana in Northern California conference in San Francisco

January 2019

Overview: This conference will cover topics directly relevant to California’s medical and adult-use cannabis laws and Northern California commercial cannabis businesses, including the state licensing structures and regulations under the Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act, local government regulations, emerging aspects in cannabis business and contracts and litigation, the legalization and regulatory process so far in California, intellectual property, and investment and banking issues. Attendees will hear directly from leading practitioners and operators about the changes and progress toward the end of prohibition.

  • Federal Law Update: Cannabis Banking Updates
    Ms. McCall reviews of the 2014 Department of Treasury guidelines for banking the cannabis industry. Have these guidelines provided any clarity to the banking industry? What steps must financial institutions take to follow these guidelines (and what can your client expect)? It’s now 2019, are the 2014 guidelines still relevant? What pending federal legislation addresses banking for the cannabis industry?