Kathryn McCall joins panel at the National Cannabis Bar Association’s presentation at MJBizConNEXT

May 2018

Topic: Corporate Growth: How to Take Money to Make Money

Our Corporate Growth panel will address the myriad ways that your clients can raise money, from simple debt or equity financings, to slightly more complex convertible notes and Simple Agreements for Future Equity (SAFEs). This program will enhance your understanding of businessstrategies commonly used to help companies raise money to fund growth opportunities without inhibiting growth potential, and will allow you to help your clients navigate the complex decision that focus on raising capital. The panel will also address common pitfalls in state and federal securities laws, and help apprise you of issues that may require you to associate with a specialist to navigate.


  • Kathryn McCall (Partner, Sideman & Bancroft LLP)
  • Andi B. Goldman (Principal, ABG Advisory/Equitas Partners Fund)
  • Valerio Romano (Partner, Vicente Sederberg)
  • Afzal Hasan (EVP, Corporate Development and General Counsel, CannaRoyalty)