Monica Mazzei and Anne Freeman discuss “Here’s How to Start That Prenup Conversation” for The Bride magazine

June 2017

Some of the hardest conversations you and your partner will have as you plan your wedding are about finances. Budgeting for your big day is important, but it’s the pre-nup conversation that can be the most stressful. After all, what is sexy or romantic about deciding how you’ll divide your assets in the event of a divorce? If you think a pre-nup might be right for you, these expert tips will help get that conversation started. Good luck!

The best way to have a productive conversation about a pre-nup is to make sure you’re bringing it up in the right light. “People have such negative reactions to the idea of a premarital agreement,” says Anne Freeman, partner at Sideman & Bancroft LLP. “If you start instead by asking your partner about how you’ll address your finances in the future, from investing to opening a joint account, it puts it all in a much more positive light.” Freemen emphasizes that, just like a 401K or estate planning, a premarital agreement is just a financial planning tool to help you have discussions about what your finances will be like during your marriage.