The Cannabis Industry

The Sideman & Bancroft Cannabis Industry Team provides a “one-stop shop” with decades of experience in the laws that intersect with the cannabis industry.  Offering a full spectrum of legal services to cannabis-related businesses, we are uniquely positioned to clarify the relevant issues, and to position and advise such businesses and clients in the areas: business formation, operations, and governance; intellectual property; tax; employment; litigation and appeals, and estate planning.  Our multi-disciplinary approach enables our clients to focus on the growth and expansion of their businesses rather than the various legal and regulatory burdens of this rapidly evolving industry.

Sideman & Bancroft attorneys are members of the National Cannabis Industry Association, National Cannabis Bar Association, California NORML, and Women Grow.  Our expertise enables us to provide guidance and strategic advice to clients to remain compliant with the current, complex framework of cannabis laws and regulations while also planning for the new regulatory schemes coming into effect in the near future.  We pay close attention to the various policy decisions and regulations related to the cannabis industry which directly impact our clients’ businesses.

Entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and established enterprises within the cannabis industry are navigating uncharted territory, facing complex and unprecedented regulatory, investment, real estate, insurance, banking, intellectual property, and employment law issues, to name just a few.  Quality legal advice has never been more important for cannabis businesses and those involved in the industry.  The depth of experience of our Cannabis Industry Team attorneys enables us to assemble the ideal team to protect the interests of any business or individual involved in the cannabis industry.  Both established players in this sector and those just getting started can rely on us as a single source for all of their legal needs.


  • Business entity formation
  • Corporate and LLC governance
  • Angel, seed, and venture financing transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment law
  • Trade secret protection
  • Trademark and copyright registration and enforcement
  • Patent litigation, enforcement, and protection
  • Licensing agreements and other commercial agreements
  • Business litigation
  • Estate planning
  • Tax law

Disclaimer: Cannabis, medical or otherwise, continues to be a Schedule 1 substance under Federal law and the cultivation, sale, and use of cannabis remains illegal under Federal law. The legal counsel provided by the Cannabis Industry Team of Sideman & Bancroft LLP is related solely to compliance with the laws of the State of California and counseling against conduct that would invite Federal prosecution.