Sideman & Bancroft’s Guy Chambers Secures $3.2M Jury Verdict in f’real Foods Patent Dispute

May 2019

On May 3, Sideman & Bancroft’s Guy Chambers successfully convinced a Delaware jury to hand down a $3.2 million verdict in favor of f’real Foods Inc. (“f’real”) in a longstanding patent infringement dispute over f’real’s self-cleaning blender technology. With Mr. Chambers’ support, f’real continues to vigorously protect its patented technology and maintain its status as a leading company in the field of pre-prepared, self-serve milkshakes.

f’real filed a patent enforcement action in Delaware District Court in October 2014 to prevent Hamilton Beach and its partner, Hershey Creamery Company, from continuing to copy f’real’s patented blender technology. Hamilton Beach then mounted five challenges to f’real’s blender patents in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which Mr. Chambers successfully defended – not a single f’real claim was found invalid. The Federal Circuit decision affirmed the Patent Office’s validity finding for f’real’s ‘662 patent in November 2018.

In addition to securing this favorable verdict, f’real received a win on virtually all counts: “Since 2014, we have done everything from filing patent enforcements to fending off numerous IPR challenges—all to protect f’real’s valuable technology. We’re proud to say we’ve overcome every challenge that’s come our way and all our efforts have really paid off with this verdict. f’real can continue creating its highly in-demand products for consumers while knowing its breakthrough technology is protected,” said Mr. Chambers.

Sideman & Bancroft attorneys Peter Colosi, Ellen Liu and Nick Shen supported Mr. Chambers.

The case is f’real Foods LLC v. Hamilton Beach Brands Inc., 16-cv-41, U.S. District Court, Delaware (Wilmington).