Commitment to Diversity

Sideman & Bancroft promotes equal opportunity for all by building a welcoming workplace that celebrates diversity among attorneys and staff. We believe in the principle that we will attract the finest individuals to serve our clients only if we actively seek talent from the entire spectrum of the community. The firm emphasizes a culture of inclusion regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability status, participates in professional and community activities that promote diversity, tolerance and equality of opportunity, and encourages and supports its individual attorneys to do the same.

Group of Women at Work Event

Members of the International Trademark Association on International Women’s Day.

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Law360 ranked Sideman & Bancroft as a top 50 most diverse law firm in 2023.

Group of Women at Work Event

Lyndsey Heaton speaks on panel for NAMWOLF.

Diversity Committee

Lyndsey Heaton is the chair of Sideman & Bancroft’s Diversity Committee, a dynamic group that encompasses members in all areas of the Firm. Comprising administrative staff, paralegals, associate attorneys, and partners, the committee plays a pivotal role in in cultivating and advancing our commitment to diversity.

Our Diversity Committee is dedicated to continuous growth and evaluation of the Firm’s programs and events, aligning them with the evolving landscape of society. By staying attuned to a broad context, we ensure our initiatives include pressing issues and opportunities for promoting inclusivity within our organization and beyond. 

The committee has spearheaded a range of impactful initiatives in the past including firm-wide anti-racism training and  implementation of a vendor/supplier diversity survey as we recognize the importance of diverse business partnerships. The committee has also been instrumental in the development of an internal-employee diversity survey which is helpful in presenting our diversity to our clients.

Celebrating the rich tapestry of cultures and heritages, the committee also hosts special events to honor significant dates such as Black History Month, Asian American Pacific Islander Month, and International Women’s Day. 

Through these initiatives and ongoing efforts, our Diversity Committee plays a vital role in fostering a workplace that values and embraces diversity, creating an inclusive and vibrant environment for all. 

Women Owned Business

At Sideman & Bancroft, we take great pride in being a women-owned business. Our Firm’s ownership is predominantly held by women, who hold management and leadership roles within our organization. Our Executive Committee, the committee of highest governance, is also predominantly women. This diversity and experience drives our success and strengthens our ability to provide innovative legal solutions to our clients. 

We are certified as a women-owned business by the Supplier Clearinghouse, underscoring our commitment to supporting women. Furthermore, we hold an active membership in the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) and Chiefs in Intellectual Property: Advancing Women in Tech, Law (ChIPs), fostering a network of like-minded organizations and creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals in the legal profession.