Alternative Dispute Resolution

Sideman & Bancroft offers the services of attorneys who are highly skilled and experienced in serving in a neutral capacity in appropriate matters. These attorneys may be retained to serve as mediators and neutral evaluators in pre or post-litigation disputes.

Mediation of Civil Cases

Several of our civil litigators have extensive experience, including formal training and certification as mediators, in complex business, intellectual property, employment, and other cases pending in court, arbitral or administrative tribunals. They can assist parties and their counsel in their efforts to reach out-of-court resolutions and enduring settlements. We customize the mediation process to optimize the chances of the parties achieving a mutually acceptable and durable resolution, while helping them avoid the costs, risks and the uncertainty of litigation.

Arbitration Services
Several Sideman & Bancroft attorneys are qualified to serve as arbitrators and decide civil disputes in matters in which the parties have contractually agreed to participate in temporary arbitration rather than litigate in court. Our attorneys serving as arbitrators have served as sole arbitrator or on a three-arbitrator panel for disputes in such diverse areas as intra-corporate or partnership disputes, professional liability, intellectual property, real estate, securities, secured transactions, employment, contracts, franchises and e-commerce matters.