July 2021

Anna Chang joins panel on “Diversity & Inclusion in the Esports Industry” at the Game Developers Conference


July 19, 2021

Diversity and inclusion is more than just an important and timely topic–lack of diversity and inequity in gender representation is magnified in esports due to industry infrastructure and larger societal factors. In 2019, the Esports Bar Association conducted an industry survey requesting anonymous testimonials from minorities in the esports community about their experiences with discrimination. This session will uncover the results of the 2019 survey and also propose initiatives and actions that industry actors can take to support the development of this nascent industry.


  • Anna Chang, Attorney, Sideman & Bancroft LLP
  • Krista Hiner, Partner, ESG Law
  • Sean Mendez-Catlin, Managing Partner, MC & J Law
  • Matt Dobill, Counsel, Epic Games