August 2016

Technology Transactions


Attorneys in the Intellectual Property Group assist both large and small companies in all areas of technology development and licensing transactions. We regularly draft and negotiate agreements affecting the full range of intellectual property rights, including copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, trade dress and know-how. Our experience includes domestic and international transactions involving computer software, computers and electronic devices, databases and information rights, and medical technologies. We have substantial expertise in software development and licensing transactions for personal computers, application service providers (ASPs), cloud computing and dedicated embedded systems. We help our technology clients write and negotiate agreements related to technology development, electronic rights, distribution and reselling, end-user licensing, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), manufacturing of components and electronic and medical devices, and sales or purchases of businesses having substantial technology assets, among other transactions. Our brick-and-mortar clients look to us for assistance with acquisitions of hardware and software systems and investments in technology-related businesses.