January 2019

Beatrice Martinet discusses”How to Protect Your Company’s Intellectual Property Across Borders: Strategies and Best Practices” for the French-American Chamber of Commerce


February 7, 2019 Meet the Expert – FACCSF
Many businesses have intellectual property assets like copyrights, trademarks, patents, designs, and trade secrets to protect, but it can be really difficult to know where to start, and how to best allocate your budget, when you have so many options.

For one thing, intellectual property rights, such as patents or trademarks, are typically limited by jurisdiction, so getting them protected in the US does not mean that someone won’t be able to copy these assets – or even worse – file for their protection before you do – in another territory. In addition, when you are starting a business, you don’t necessarily have a budget to invest in the protection of your intellectual property in the US, let alone in countries where you are not even sure you will ever have a presence.

And yet, IP is often a critical piece of the value of your company, and investing in your IP early on often pays off many times over the life of your business.

With over fifteen years of experience as an IP lawyer in Europe and in the US, our expert will lead you through this complex process and help you make sound decisions when it comes to the protection of your IP throughout the world.