January 2016

Louis Feuchtbaum co-authors chapter in “Scientific Evidence and Expert Testimony in California”


This book offers comprehensive discussion of several types of scientific evidence you’re likely to encounter in the courtroom. From discovery to trial, use this practical, accessible guide to learn which kind of expert you need and what to ask them; how to get what you need from testimony; and how to explain it so that a jury can easily understand. Written by California attorneys and the forensic evidence experts they’ve relied on, there is no other book like it.

Presenting and challenging expert testimony
Evidence of alcohol intoxication
Forensic toxicology and the use of drug evidence
DNA evidence
Origin and cause of fires
Digital forensics investigations in corporate environments
Forensic accounting
GPS, cell phones, and other tracking devices

Mr. Feuchtbaum is a co-author of Chapter 7, Digital Forensics Investigations in Corporate Environments.