May 2011

Hilary Pierce and Raquel Sefton Present “Cross-Over Topics in Trusts & Estates and Family Law: Is Your Pre-Nuptial Agreement Valid? How About Your Transmutation/Marital Property Agreement?”


The Estate Planning, Probate, and Trust Section of The Bar Association of San Francisco

Ms. Pierce and Ms. Sefton will discuss the following issues:

  • When do you have to provide a draft pre-nuptial agreement to ensure its validity? Discussion includes recent developments in case law regarding pre-nuptial agreements
  • Family law issues that may impact your prenuptial agreement: Fiduciary duty and cohabitation
  • Estate planning issues that may impact your prenuptial agreement: Provisions at death and gifting issues for non-citizen spouses
  • Practical considerations and tips for use with pre-nuptial agreements and transmutation agreements