November 2018

Ian Boyd moderates panel at INTA’s annual Leadership Meeting


New Orleans
November 6-9, 2018

Managing Breakthrough Brands: Using Social Media, the Internet and Global Trademark Protection to Keep an Overnight Sensation from Turning into an Overnight Frustration

An interactive panel featuring representatives from some of 2018’s biggest breakthrough brands will discuss how they try to keep pace with and manage trademark issues for brands that take off in both an expected and unexpected fashion. Speakers will discuss the following common issues that are seen when launching a brand and advise on what it is about such seemingly overnight sensations that keeps them up worrying at night.:

  • Preparations in advance of the launch
  • How to address subsequent issues arising in different jurisdictions when a brand far exceeds expectations
  • How to determine if explosive growth of a brand may be more short or long lived
  • Best practices to manage client expectations

Ian K. Boyd, Sideman & Bancroft (United States)

Arty Rajendra, Osborne Clarke LLP (United Kingdom)
Matt Stratton, Snap Inc. (United States)