July 2023

Intellectual Property and Internet Law Symposium


Intellectual Property and Internet Law Symposium to Feature Sideman & Bancroft Attorneys and Michael Hewitt as Co-Chair. San Francisco, CA –

The Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section of the Barristers Club has announced its upcoming half-day conference, the “Intellectual Property and Internet Law Symposium,” scheduled for Thursday, August 24th, 2023, at The Bar Association of San Francisco. This highly anticipated event will bring together legal experts, distinguished attorneys, and industry leaders to delve into the latest developments in internet law, exploring topics ranging from fair use rules to the ever-evolving landscape of AI, Web2, and Web3-related issues.

The symposium will feature insightful discussions and analysis from experts on various pertinent subjects, providing attendees with valuable insights and comprehensive perspectives on the  legal landscape.  Among the key highlights of the event will be the examination of recent legal developments in internet law, with a specific focus on changes to fair use rules for creatives and their attorneys, as well as the latest privacy and patent updates surrounding AI, Web2, and Web3.

Throughout the day, several panels will be convened, covering a range of subjects, including the landmark Jack Daniels Supreme Court Case and the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on copyright and patent law. Michael Hewitt, attorney at Sideman & Bancroft, takes on a significant role as the co-chair of the Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section. Hewitt was one of the founders of Sideman & Bancroft’s new Blockchain and Digital Assets Group.

Sideman attorneys, Andrea Cristiani, Ian Boyd, and Zachary Alinder, will be featured  panelists and moderators during the symposium.

For more information and to register, please click here. 

About the Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section of the Barristers Club: According to their website, The Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section of the Barristers Club is “a community of Bay Area technology attorneys. The section serves members in their first ten years of practice. Section members get together for networking, social and educational programs. Continuing Legal Education topics cover patent, copyright and trademark law as well as internet-related issues such as domain name disputes, privacy rights, and cyber fraud.”

About Sideman & Bancroft LLP: Sideman & Bancroft LLP is a San Francisco-based law firm committed to providing comprehensive legal solutions to individuals and businesses alike. Intellectual Property, Brand Integrity and Innovation, and Blockchain and Digital Assets serve as pinnacle practice groups.