July 2023

IRS on Applying Big Data – Travis Thompson Comments


In the taxnotes article “IRS Seeks Outside Help Applying Big Data” , author Lauren Loricchio discusses how the IRS has issued a request for information to explore how contractors can assist in leveraging big data to tackle noncompliance issues. The agency seeks support in implementing data analytics and cutting-edge technology to assess past activities, identify present functional needs, and make data-driven recommendations for future business performance metrics. The initiative is prompted by increased funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, as the IRS aims to scale up its artificial intelligence capabilities and predictive analytics to enhance compliance and enforcement efforts. By seeking external assistance, the IRS intends to bolster its workforce and protect valuable data while aligning with the technological advancements shaping the future.

Sideman & Bancroft tax lawyer, Travis Thompson, provided comment on the article. Loricchio writes, “Thompson said the request for information indicates that the IRS acknowledges that it lacks the staffing or knowledge to bring artificial intelligence and other technology to scale, but that it sees the value in its use for compliance and enforcement efforts.”

“If you don’t want to hire people in-house because you’re having an issue with paying them the same amount of money that they would make . . . in Silicon Valley, then you have to issue these performance work statements because you still need to build out your systems, you still need to grow, and you still need to use this technology because that’s where the world is going.” Thompson said.

Travis Thompson is an associate tax lawyer in Sideman & Bancroft’s tax group alongside Partners Steven Katz and Jay Weill  Thompson handles all aspects of taxpayer controversies against the Internal Revenue Service, the California Franchise Tax Board, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, and the California State Board of Equalization, including audits, administrative appeals, and both routine and complex collection matters.

Full taxnotes article here.