November 2021

James Shore moderates panel at the Brand Protection & Anti–Counterfeiting Executive Roundtable


Armed with increasingly sophisticated technology and creative new methods, today’s heads of brand protection and anti-counterfeiting are better prepared to defend the business and its brands than ever before.

Demonstrating ROI and The Importance of Cross-Functional Collaboration

  • What are some best practices for keeping different business units informed of and involved in brand protection programs?
  • What metrics best express brand protection challenges? How are you quantifying enforcement successes and financial impact for a non-legal audience?
  • How do you best communicate success to the company and justify ongoing resourcing?

James Shore, Partner, Sideman & Bancroft LLP
Maral Behnam-Garcia, Director, Brand Protection & Intellectual Property, Wish
Zach Toczyński, Senior Director, Global Brand Protection, Levi Strauss & Co.

November 3, 2021