September 2020

Kelly McCarthy comments in “Brand Specialists Reveal How They Weed Out Fake Views” for Managing IP


Brand protection agencies, an anti-counterfeiting non-profit and three law firms explain how fake reviews of counterfeits affect brand monitoring
By Rani Mehta

A report from global marketing research company Nielsen showed that online reviews were the second most trusted source of information about brands. So it is not surprising that counterfeiters post fake reviews and even pay third parties to publish bogus reviews of their products on e-commerce platforms…

Even when brand owners are able to identify suspicious reviews, consumers usually can’t. Kelly McCarthy, partner at Sideman & Bancroft in San Francisco, says a user might need to read 100 different reviews of a seller to spot similarities or suspicious reviews. Most customers won’t spend the time to do this, she says.

She adds that brand owners may also find it too monumental of a task to evaluate which of these sellers’ reviews may be fake because companies would have to sort through the reviews of thousands of sellers.

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