November 2011

Kelly McCarthy speaks on “Online Counterfeiting” at the General Counsel Conference West Coast


Corporate Counsel presents the 9th Annual General Counsel Conference West Coast
Nov. 15-16, 2011, San Francisco.

Online Counterfeiting

This session will provide an overview of problems faced by companies who are victims of online counterfeiting and piracy of company intellectual property. It will discuss popular locations for counterfeit products and methods for reducing the numbers of counterfeit products potential customers encounter online. It will discuss various factors companies should consider when committing resources to an online anti-counterfeiting program and will describe:

  • How to identify if your company has a problem with online counterfeits
  • How to begin policing the web and reduce the number of counterfeit products online
  • How to know when to escalate matters and prioritize threats

Faculty to include:
Kelly P. McCarthy, Partner, Sideman & Bancroft
Jerod Partin, Director of Business and Legal Affairs, Saban Brands