September 2018

Kirsten Wolff speaks at the APAG West Inaugural Seminar


The American Photography Archives Group is 501(c)(3) non-profit that is a resource organization for individuals who own or manage a privately held photography archive…From time to time, guest speakers also share their expertise in intellectual property law, estate planning, appraisals, and other topics vital to managing an archive.

APAG West is an affiliate of the American Photography Archives Group. Launched in San Francisco in April 2018, APAG West serves the members throughout California and the Western states.

Legal Nuts and Bolts: Legal issues for photography estates and archives

  • Kirsten Wolff, Partner, Sideman & Bancroft LLP
  • Peter Lippett, Estate Planning attorney, Lafayette, CA

Moderated by Dr. Alla Efimova, Principal, KunstWorks