February 2016

Legal Update: Reasons Your Clients Should Consider Using a Divorce “Consultant”


Recently divorce consultants, or “coaches” as they are sometimes referred to, have gained popularity. What exactly does a divorce consultant do and why would your client need one?

  • A divorce consultant works with or in addition to your client’s divorce lawyer or provides advice to the unrepresented client.
  • A seasoned divorce consultant provides access to their rolodex of professionals including the top forensic accountants, mediators, private judges, CPA’s, appraisers, psychologists, therapists, investigators and experts.
  • A divorce consultant can help the client organize their case minimizing their attorney’s time which results in lower attorney’s fees.
  • A divorce consultant helps to strategize and map out a case plan.

While a divorce consultant is not necessary in every case, one can be useful when clients are unrepresented or have complicated marital estates.