August 2018

Peter Colosi and Michael Hewitt on “Knock (It) Off!: Protecting Brands in Online Markets” for BASF Panel


Counterfeiters have been profiting off of copy-cat goods for centuries. Even with the development of advanced enforcement technologies, businesses and consumers continue to be plagued by counterfeit goods. Today, many counterfeit goods are sold through online marketplaces, often without the knowledge of either the online marketplace or the consumer purchasing the goods. Lawyers must be creative yet practical in providing advice for clients facing trademark infringement and counterfeit issues. Join us for a panel discussion about the practical and legal challenges of policing sales of counterfeit goods in major online retail marketplaces and effective strategies for brand and consumer protection. We will hear from outside and in-house counsel to discuss the problems the industry faces, what enforcement strategies are most effective, and who should carry the burden of ensuring that brand owners and consumers are protected from counterfeit goods


  • Basic legal framework for prosecuting counterfeit sellers in online marketplaces
  • Discussion of legal and practical challenges and strategies from brand owners perspective
  • General discussion of broader scope of liability and who should shoulder the costs of enforcement, and how the scope of liability corresponds with broader international legal landscape

Peter M. Colosi, Partner, Sideman & Bancroft, LLP

Ashli Weiss, Legal Counsel, Benefit Cosmetics

Michael Hewitt, Sideman & Bancroft, LLP