October 2022

Sideman and Bancroft Launches TrueBQuest – A new bequest tracking platform for charities.


TrueBQuest was developed by our Estate Planning attorneys who have decades of experience in post death administration (trusts, probate, collecting IRA and insurance benefits, etc.) in conjunction with True Pedigree engineers. We understand the importance a charitable organization places on having an efficient, intuitive bequest tracking and collection platform that any person within the organization can use.

On creating TrueBQuest, Sandra Price, partner with Sideman & Bancroft’s Estate Planning Group states “Many charities struggle with organizing spreadsheets, paper files, and/or unsuitable programs to keep track of their numerous charitable bequests.  That led me to work with engineers to create a platform that streamlines the processes of managing and collecting charitable bequests.”

To learn more, visit truebquest.com or email us at info@truebquest.com