October 2020

Sideman & Bancroft Tops Law360’s Ranking of the Best Law Firms for Women in 2020 Glass Ceiling Report


Sideman & Bancroft is pleased to announce that it has received top honors for the second consecutive year in Law360’s annual Glass Ceiling Report. Tied for first among U.S. law firms with 100 or fewer attorneys, Sideman & Bancroft was recognized for its commitment to gender diversity as marked by its industry-leading percentages of female attorneys and female equity partners.

With 63.4% female attorneys, compared to the 37.3% national average, Sideman & Bancroft has the third highest percentage of the 160 firms featured in the report and the second highest in its category. And its 57.1% female equity partners – well more than double the national average of 22.2% – earned the firm the added distinction of once again being named to the “Ceiling Smashers” list, which ranks the 40 firms with the highest representation of women in their equity partnerships.

“Our ability to deliver the highest-quality results for our clients is directly related to the firm’s commitment to diversity and inclusion,” said partner Kelly McCarthy, who began her career as an associate at Sideman & Bancroft and now sits on the firm’s executive committee. “The range of opinions and perspectives that come from our diverse team results in innovative and creative solutions for our clients’ most complex legal needs.”

Sideman & Bancroft also ranked high in non-scoring categories including the percentage of female non-partners (72.2%), the percentage of recently promoted partners who are women (50%) and female representation on management committees (75%, one of only four firms on the whole list to have such a high percentage).

“In the face of a difficult year for everyone, I am continually proud of being a part of Sideman & Bancroft due in large part to its gender parity and long-held commitment to recruiting, retaining and promoting diverse attorneys, combined with our culture of inclusion. This commitment has translated into meaningful and lasting representation for women at all levels of the firm,” said Lyndsey Heaton, chair of the firm’s Diversity Committee.

Law360 surveyed more than 300 firms to develop the Glass Ceiling Report rankings. In order to be included, firms had to have at least 20 attorneys and provide demographic data on their overall attorney headcount and. Firms were then ranked by number of attorneys reported in categories of 601 or more, 251 to 600, 101 to 250 and 100 or fewer, and the top 40 in each size category were featured.

Sideman & Bancroft is committed to building a culture of inclusion and promotes equal opportunity for all by building a welcoming workplace that celebrate diversity among attorneys and staff regardless of gender, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability status. The firm is certified as a woman-owned business by the Suppliers Clearinghouse and is an active member of the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF).