August 2023

Sideman Attorneys at The Intellectual Property and Internet Law Symposium


On Thursday, August 24th 2023, the Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section of the Barristers Club will be  holding the Intellectual Property and Internet Law Symposium at the Bar Association of San Francisco.  This half-day symposium will focus on exploring the latest developments in internet law, encompassing topics ranging from from fair use rules for creatives and their attorneys, to privacy and patent updates surrounding AI, Web2, and Web3.

Sideman & Bancroft Partner, Zachary Alinder, will be a featured speaker on the panel “Whiskey, Warhol, & Fair Use. A New  IP Wild West?”. This engaging discussion will delve into recent fair use rulings by the Supreme Court, with a particular focus on copyright and trademark law, including the significant Andy Warhol Foundation v. Goldsmith case.

Furthermore Ian K. Boyd, also a Partner at Sideman & Bancroft, will be speaking on the panel “InnovAI-tion: Copyrights and Patents in the Age of Artificial Intelligence.” This panel will cover the complexities AI introduces to the intellectual property landscape.

Michael Hewitt of Sideman & Bancroft serves as the chair of the Barristers Intellectual Property and Internet Law Section while Andrea Cristiani serves as an Executive Committee member. We look forward to fostering insightful conversations at this symposium where legal minds come together to navigate the developments in the landscape of intellectual property and internet law.