March 2024

Celebrating International Women’s Day


Celebrating International Women’s Day! At Sideman & Bancroft, we’re incredibly proud to honor the achievements and contributions of women everywhere. As a women-owned law firm, our commitment to championing diversity, empowering women in the legal profession, and fostering an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive is unwavering.

Our status as a women-owned business is a source of immense pride for us. Predominantly led by women, both in ownership and key management roles, our firm’s leadership embodies the strength and capability of women in the legal arena. Our Executive Committee, which serves as the highest governing body within our organization, mirrors this commitment, with a significant representation of women guiding our strategic decisions.

This diversity of experience is not just a badge of honor; it’s fundamental to our success. It enriches our perspectives, drives innovation, and enables us to provide exceptional legal solutions to our valued clients. We firmly believe that fostering an environment where diverse voices are heard and valued is essential for delivering the highest quality of service.

In recognition of our dedication to supporting women, we proudly hold certification as a women-owned business by the Supplier Clearinghouse. Moreover, our active participation in esteemed organizations such as the National Association of Minority and Women Owned Law Firms (NAMWOLF) and Chiefs in Intellectual Property: Advancing Women in Tech, Law (ChIPs) reflects our commitment to creating opportunities for underrepresented individuals in the legal profession.

Through these affiliations, we not only advocate for gender equality but actively work towards building a more inclusive and equitable legal landscape. International Women’s Day serves as a poignant reminder of our ongoing commitment to empowering women and fostering positive change. Together, let’s continue to celebrate the achievements of women and strive for a future where all individuals have equal opportunities to succeed.