October 2017

Zachary Alinder moderates BASF panel, “Amicus Briefing on the Front Line”


Amicus Briefing on the Front Line: Inside and Outside Counsel, Government, and Non-Profit Perspectives on Current Amicus Briefing Strategies, Impacts, War Stories #SFBarAmicusCLE


  • Michele Lee, AGC, Litigation and Competition, Twitter
  • Aaron Schur, Senior Director of Litigation, Yelp
  • Corynne McSherry, Legal Director EFF
  • Christine Van Aken,Head of Appellate, SF City Attorneys Office


  • Zachary Alinder, Sideman & Bancroft, LLP


  • Overview of amicus briefing procedural requirements
  • Strategy/process on how and when to solicit amicus support both internal support for third party cases and external support for party cases
  • Strategies/process for effective amicus brief writing
  • War stories or favorite anecdotes from the panel on the importance and impact of persuasive amicus briefing