May 2024

Estate Planning Attorney Speaking at San Francisco Conference


Sideman & Bancroft is pleased to be sponsoring the  31st Annual Northern California Planned Giving Conference taking in San Francisco on May 17th, 2024. Sideman & Bancroft Estate Planning Partner, Sandra Price, will be presenting  “Your Donor Has Died and You’re a Beneficiary:  Now What?!”where she will unravel the complexities of managing received assets from your donor. Sandra Price will be joining True Pedigree’s Chief Financial Officer, Ryan Fanning, to showcase TrueBQuest, a unique software developed to help charities become more efficient in their bequest tracking and collection process. TrueBQuest was co-developed by Sandra Price and the Estate Planning Attorneys and Sideman & Bancroft in collaboration with True Pedigree.  

TrueBQuest is an innovative solution to tracking charitable bequests without having to manually manage each bequest by and. TrueBQuest holds all information electronically, allowing for easy access to the current status and copies of relevant documents. Features include displaying expected revenue for each upcoming fiscal year in real time, tracking specific information about each descendant, and creating efficiencies with audit requirements. To learn more about TrueBquest, contact us:

Sandra Price is an estate planning attorney at Sideman & Bancroft and has practiced exclusively in the trust and estate space for more than 25 years. Her services include traditional estate planning for individuals, families, trustees, executors, and beneficiaries on all aspects of estate and trust administration. Price has expertise in post-death administration, both in court-supervised probate proceedings and where court supervision has ben avoided through use of a revocable trust arrangement.